These are examples of my graphite pencil drawings.  I use a wide range of pencils, from 7H to 8B, which allows me to achieve the darkest and lightest values.  I usually work on Strathmore 250-500 series bristol paper.  As with my colored pencil drawings, I work from my own photographs, the majority of which are taken in the general area where I live.  I try to choose photographs with a strong light source which creates interesting shadows and value changes.    

Texas Summer
Twisted Tree
Palm Scape
Marfa Garden
Shaded Cattle #2
Cactus Trash
Texas Landscape with Hay Bales
Shaded Cattle #1
Donkey Heaven
Barn with Fence
Texas Winter

Fenced In

Texas Snow

Here's Looking at You

Throwing Shade

Big Bend Backroad


Jean Blais Oliver

phone: 979-992-3437, cell 979-251-1591