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These are examples of my graphite pencil drawings.  I use a wide range of pencils, from 7H to 8B, which allows me to achieve the darkest and lightest values.  I usually work on Strathmore 250-500 series bristol paper.  As with my colored pencil drawings, I work from my own photographs, the majority of which are taken in the general area where I live.  I try to choose photographs with a strong light source which creates interesting shadows and value changes.    

Texas Summer
Twisted Tree
Palm Scape
Marfa Garden
Shaded Cattle #2
Cactus Trash
Texas Landscape with Hay Bales
Shaded Cattle #1
Donkey Heaven
Barn with Fence
Texas Winter
Texas Snow 2.jpg

Fenced In

Texas Snow

Here's Looking at You.jpg

Here's Looking at You

Throwing Shade.jpg

Throwing Shade

Throwing shade 2.jpg
Big Bend Backroad.jpg

Big Bend Backroad



Throwing Shade 2

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