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     I am a pencil artist from New Ulm, a small town in Texas (human population approximately 700, cattle, 70,000!).  My story is rather unremarkable compared with a lot of other artists who have quite impressive bios but so it goes.

    Why do I draw? I don't know: I have just always had the desire, from drawing paper dolls as a kid (I'm dating myself) to taking every art class I could in school.  I even carried it through to college where I majored in fine art.  God bless my parents for not balking and letting me pursue a basically unmarketable degree!  

     So fresh out of college with a degree in fine art I gladly took an office job to avoid starvation.  I had several careers (jobs, in other words) through the years, including a short stint teaching grade school art but through all those years I found time to keep drawing.


     I was lucky enough, thanks to my husband's hard work and success, to retire in 2011 and as a result have a lot more time for art.  

     So, here I am, rapidly approaching geezer-hood, still plugging away with my pencils.  



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