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I discovered colored pencils about 25 years ago after being blown away by a drawing in an art magazine.  I had no idea you could create something of that level with colored pencils.  I work primarily with Prismacolor pencils, on a variety of papers: Strathmore bristol (300, 400 and 500 series), multi-medium board, watercolor paper and Stonehenge 250-gsm paper.  I work from my own photos and especially enjoy doing close-up nature studies because of the detail and also to avoid filling in large fields of color; very labor intensive!  I find it easier to move back and forth between small spaces.  Being self taught in colored pencil I find each drawing a learning experience.  I am a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America and was awarded signature status in 2018.



Prickly Blooms

Sunlit Leaves
Summer Greens
Orange Daisies
Rock Garden
Plumbago with Butterfly
Coneflower Field
November 1
Crown of Thorns
Cactus Study 1
Mixed Garden
Cactus Study 2
November 2
Yucca Blooms
The Woodpile
Autumn Reflections.jpg

Autumn Reflections



In the Pink 3.jpg
In the Pink


Brahmans new.jpg

Brahman Neighbors

Jean Blais Oliver, Out of the Shadows.jpg

Once in a Blue Moo

Out of the Shadows


Stranger in a Strange Land

Berry Interesting

Not a Cloud in the Sky.JPG

Not a Cloud in the Sky

Pick of the Litter Jean Blais Oliver.jpg

Pick of the Litter

Yellow Rows of Texas Jean Blais Oliver.jpg

The Yellow Rows of Texas

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